This is a late production; true Giulietta Sprint with the transition body shell and chassis numbering system used on the later Giulia Sprints. Originally a German delivery car, it made its way to Arkansas sometime prior to 1973 and then into the hands of a long-term owner in Oklahoma until 2005.

Under the current owner, the car was subject to a bare-metal restoration to a high level, but not “show” standard in 2007. Rust was limited to lower quarter panels, door openings, a small area of the trunk and a small area in foot wells, and all known rust areas were replaced with new metal. Single-stage urethane paint was sourced in period-correct shade of light blue. Paint and body are still showing nicely with flaws mainly limited to very small chipping in the area of the doorjambs.

Engine and brakes were rebuilt in recent years except the suspension, which was left untouched.

Although the factory records are incomplete, a conversation with the previous owner and other evidence indicate the car has its original engine and drivetrain. The strongest clue being Fusi lists the engine number as late 1961 and the car was manufactured in January 1962.

All attempts were made to keep the car in “as-delivered” configuration with no upgrades to any components. Where possible original parts were sourced to complete the restoration, the main exceptions being the exhaust, generator and distributor which were replaced out of practicality. Extra attention was paid to getting all gauges, lights and accessories to work properly. Only the windshield wash system and high beam idiot light are inoperative. Instrument backlights were upgraded to LEDs for better illumination at night.

The car runs, handles and stops very well. Original Borrani steel wheels (plus spare); Goodrich T/A Radial 155/15 tires, original jack, replacement owner’s manual.



2008- Tires, Engine and Brake rebuild(see separate receipts) – Alfa Milan LA

2010 – Brake master cylinder overhaul

2011 – Carb overhaul – Santos Italian, Northridge, CA

2013 – Distributor (non-orig), coil, exhaust (non-orig), transmission layshaft and input bearings, synchros – Santos Italian, Northridge, CA

2014 Generator replaced (non-orig), Ayers Automotive, Santa Barbara

2015 – Clutch, 2nd gear, 1-2 fork, synchros – Island Pacific, Hermosa Beach, CA

2016 – Brake master cylinder refurbished, seals replaced, new spark plugs


Chassis # AR350028

Engine # AR0010230158

Odometer 84,033